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Nov. 1st, 2013 07:20 pm
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Most of the details are the same as in the app, except:

Robot Name: Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth
Robot Description: Crossbone Gundam X-1 has been modified with leftover parts from X-3 to create this powerful machine. In addition to most of X-1 weaponry (beam sabers, vulcans, chest-mounted machineguns, heat daggers, scissor anchors, screw whips, beam shields), it possesses many additional features. First, its ABC cloak is armored now, serving as protection against both beam and physical attacks. Full Cloth uses a Hi Muramasa Blaster, similar to the one used by X-3 but more powerful, and shaped like a huge rapier rather than a standard sword. A completely new weapon is the Peacock Smasher, a crossbow-shaped weapon that's actually 9 beam cannons connected into a single gun, being able to fire all at once. Just like X-3, Full Cloth possesses I-Fields, though they are mounted on its shoulders this time. Last but not list, the Full Cloth can lower its beam shields over its fists to create Brand Markers, powerful punching weapons in the form of pyramid-shaped energy fields that often leave X-shaped holes in their target.

Land: A
Air: A
Sea: B
Space: A

Suggested Event List:
There are two completely optional missions for the re-apped Tobia, and you should know what happens on both of them (Spess Munky, They Stole Amuro's Brain), but I can provide more detail later if necessary. Neither of this mission is mandatory and they can happen in any order, in as much time in between them as needed, or even not at all. But if we get only one of them, newtype monkeys get priority.

UG@ app

Dec. 29th, 2011 11:30 pm
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Player Name: Tengu
Personal LJ:
AIM Contact: Tengusaur
Character Name: Tobia Arronax
Source Canon: Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam
Community Tag: tobia arronax

Notes: This is a reapp of a dropped character, not that any of the mods don't know that.


At a first glance, Tobia seems like a silly kid who just wants to have fun and impress the girl he likes, and overreacts to everything with ridiculous reaction faces. But this first glance would be very inaccurate - he's a courageous and stubborn individual who rushes into action whenever an injustice is going on and he feels like he can make a difference, even if that brings him trouble. Or rather, especially if that brings him trouble. You know, typical main character stuff - or even beyond it sometimes, seeing that Tobia has no problem injuring himself to prove his point and show others the errors of their ways.

Tobia might seem like a doofus, but he's actually surprisingly clever, using his technical knowledge and on-the-spot quick thinking to get out of tricky situations. This doesn't mean he won't just charge in blindly at times, but when he's at a disadvantage and the situation looks very bad, you can bet on him to come up with a quick plan to even out the odds - going on-foot against a Gundam and defeating it through cunning is completely within his capabilities. Tobia is also good at long-term planning ahead and creating backup plans in case something goes wrong, be it setting up bombs all over the ship in case he has a fight with the crew over an important issue and needs an upper hand, or calculating the best way to escape and meet his allies while awaiting execution. And when all that fails, a monkey ex machina may come to his rescue.

Tobia doesn't care much about rules or authority, even willing to go against his allies if they do something he really disagrees with, but at the same time he's a massive idealist. He refuses to kill unless he absolutely has to, he wants to help everyone but the most vile people, and he fights for peace. He doesn't consider any group of people, newtypes, oldtypes or whatever, to be inherently superior to any other, even after it turns out he's a newtype himself. In fact, he prefers not to develop his newtype powers and instead rely on his own abilities.

Tobia starts as a pretty crappy pilot, but he's a hard worker, learns fast and is constantly threatened by toilet cleaning duty, so he makes progress very quickly. He takes a bit more time to get acclimated to Earth - its environment is both beautiful and alien to him, filled with phenomena and creatures he hasn't encountered before. But he gets used to it eventually - the power of human adaptation is not to be underestimated.

Capabilities and Resources:
Good with machinery and electronics. Weak newtype powers.

Robot Name: Pez Batara
Robot Description: This anti-ship mobile suit is pretty much a giant axehead with limbs. It has a beam shield, a beam rifle and an inbuilt tube missile launcher, but its main way of attacking is slamming into stuff with the huge beam axe blade on its nose. It's good against not very mobile targets, but has giant blind spots on the sides that fast units can exploit.

Land: A
Air: B
Sea: C
Space: B

Robot Name: Crossbone Gundam X-3
Robot Description: A powerful Gundam with a good balance of melee offense and defense. Its main weapon is the Muramasa Blaster, which resembles a huge two-handed sword with no edge but can release multiple beam saber blades from ports on every side and turn into a beam saw at the press of a button. In its alternate mode it has only one beam edge at the very end, which makes up for it with its extreme length.

Additional weapons include: vulcans and machineguns in the head and chest, beam sabers, heat daggers and scissor anchors hidden in the shoulders, legs and belt respectively, and a beam zanber (cutlass) and beam buster (antique-shaped pistol) that can combine into a beam zanbuster (long-range rifle). That's a lot of beams.

The most powerful defensive system of the X-3 are its I-Field barriers, one mounted in each hand. When activated, a barrier can block pretty much all incoming beam attacks for 105 seconds, after which it has to recharge for 120 seconds. This means that even after using one and then the other barrier subsequently, there is still a 15-second opening when the Gundam is not protected by the I-Field.

Land: A
Air: A
Sea: B
Space: A

Student, space pirate in name only.

Suggested Event List:
Already covered by Kincaid and previous Tobia app. However, there is also one more mission I'd like to add if possible, the details of which will appear here later. Two words: newtype monkeys.

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